• Tom Homan

  • Sara Carter

  • Tom Trento

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  • Karyn Basle

  • Michelle Terris

  • Sofia Manolesco

  • Daniella Bloom

JEXIT is cordially inviting you to an unprecedented experience of a life time. A one of a kind trip to Israel that focuses on Judeo - Christian Unity, Harmony and Reconciliation. This amazing trip also offers unique insights into the US - Israel relations. The Middle East changing current events and what must Israel do to preserve the Zionist achievement in the long term.

Of course we will tour and visit all the Holy Land biblical and historical sites including, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, Masada, Armageddon, Mt. of Beatitudes, Jordan River, The Temple Mount, Mount of Olives and much more.

We heartily welcome you to what will be an inexpensive, informative
and enjoyable time in Israel.

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